3 bad habits that will amp up your energy bills



Glacier Media



Many homeowners are surprised to learn how much energy their electronic devices use. If you’re looking for ways to conserve energy and spend less on your utility bills, here are three habits that you should break immediately. 1. ON GAMING consoles. Video game consoles use 30 to 45 per cent more power than televisions. In addition, running one high-definition gaming console requires the equivalent amount of energy as running 10 Blu-Ray devices. You’re better off using your console for nothing but gaming. 2. LEAVING YOUR ELECTRONICS PLUGGED IN ALL THE TIME. This is a common habit, but did you know that many electronic devices use up to 40 per cent of the energy required for their functioning, even when they’re turned off? Unplugging your toaster and coffee maker after breakfast and removing chargers from outlets once devices are charged will help you conserve energy. 3. NOT THINKING THROUGH PURCHASES. Laser printers use nearly twice as much power as inkjet versions. Before buying one, ask yourself if the increase in energy consumption over traditional models is worth it. Similarly, a 55-inch flat-screen TV uses twice as much energy as a 32inch model. Consider whether the upgrade in size is worth it. The bottom line is that you should evaluate your needs and make purchasing decisions accordingly. In sum, to save energy at home you should evaluate what electronics you use and how you use them. Doing so will allow you to save on your utility bills and may even extend the lifespan of your devices.