Energize your home with orange



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From the soft hues of a sunset to the bright shades of the citrus fruit that bears its name, orange is a playful colour that can add warmth and energy to a room. Here’s some advice on how to incorporate it into your decor. FIND THE RIGHT PAIRING Combine orange with blues and greens to give the room a lively tropical vibe. Alternatively, a pastel orange paired with taupe or ecru will provide a calming effect. If you prefer a more monochrome design, blend beiges and browns with subtle orange hues like pumpkin spice. While you might be tempted to tone down orange with a neutral palette, don’t be afraid to show off your personality with bold choices. Pair it with violet and magenta to create a space reminiscent of India. Alternatively, use it alongside yellow, fuchsia, turquoise and chartreuse as one of several accent colours in a white room. OPT FOR ACCENT PIECES In general, orange is a colour best used sparingly. If you want to test out this bold shade, decorate a space with eye-catching orange vases, lamps, pillows, rugs or curtains. If you want to make a statement, opt for an orange sofa, painted lower cabinets or a wallpapered accent wall. USE IT TO BRIGHTEN UP THE ROOM Orange adds a dynamic, contemporary flair without being as aggressive as red. In fact, this colour is particularly popular in front entrances and gathering places like the living room. You can also use orange to perk up a windowless room or dark space. Simply pair it with white or light wood furniture to maximize its ability to brighten. To find the perfect orange accents for your home, scout your local shops, farmers markets and antique stores. And if you’re not sure you can pull off orange on your own, consider hiring an interior decorator to help.