4 reasons you should insulate your attic ASAP



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If the insulation in your attic is sparse, worn out or needs to be replaced, it’s best to take action as soon as possible. Here’s why you shouldn’t delay in starting this essential home repair. 1. TO AVOID PAYING MORE FOR YOUR ENERGY BILLS Insufficient insulation makes your home less energy efficient, which means you’ll pay more for utilities. Additionally, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This shortens its lifespan and leads to more frequent repairs. 2. TO AVOID GETTING COLD In winter, heat loss caused by inadequate insulation can contribute to the formation of ice dams on your roof. These ice buildups can damage your roof and pose a hazard to people walking nearby. 3. TO AVOID IMPAIRING YOUR HOME AND HEALTH A poorly insulated attic is more at risk of water leaks, which could lead to mould growth, wood rot and other damage. This can compromise both your health and the structural integrity of your home. 4. TO AVOID PEST INFILTRATIONS A lack of sealed insulation makes it easier for small creatures to infiltrate your attic, where they might procreate, chew electrical wires and cause other costly damage. In addition to preventing costly repairs and other problems, keep in mind that you may be eligible for a considerable tax credit if you add insulation to your home. This is because it’s an environmentally friendly repair that can improve the energy efficiency of your home. ATTIC INSULATION MATERIALS Before select a you material add insulation that suits your to your needs attic, and you’ll budget. need Here to are a few options and their benefits: • Cellulose. It’s all-natural, made from recycled materials and offers high thermal resistance. • Fibreglass. It’s affordable, easy to install and provides excellent thermal performance. • Hemp. It’s a renewable material that’s easy to install and resistant to rodents and other pests. • Expanded cork. It’s biodegradable, resistant to water and air leaks and boasts superior thermal and acoustic insulation. • Mineral wool. It’s durable, offers acoustic insulation and is fire and moisture resistant. While some types of insulation are easier to install than others, it’s always best to hire a professional to ensure your attic is properly sealed and can protect your home from the elements.