The Prince George Citizen - 2021-11-25




I have just read the response to the article regarding the turn off to Lloyd Road by Mr. Dietrich. He has a valid point in watching the traffic flow for safety but other than that he has lost the point of the article. When approaching the turn from the P.G. side it is open and pretty flat but it’s also an indicated broken line for passing. What he’s missing here is that if I was waiting to turn left onto Lloyd from the highway there is a 50/50 chance someone two , or more vehicles back has not realized, because they can’t see through the vehicles ahead, that I am turning, therefore decide to pass the slowing traffic. There’s your side impact collision or rear end as they try to regain control. This is the position I have been in a few times, or they just don’t see the indication and have to go by on the shoulder side to avoid a collision. You can’t simply open your eyes to others blindness. John Morrison, Prince George


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